Heyyy, Here is a page for all projects I have done or I want to do. In the list for the moment I have :

Create a website that is visually attractive and host it by myself. Status : Done (In my opinion). And even more, I have 2 websites, this one you see and a website I host for a bar :>


Create a menu for a bar. Status : Done. You can see it on the website of the bar, that I manage too.

The menu

Create a beautifull Newspapper number. Status : To do.

Do a really good photoshoot for someone. Satus : To do.

Do a street photoshoot, I see this on Instagram, a Photographer who take photos of stranger and does it really well. I really want to have the courage. Status : To do.

Do a well written video and be very proud of my work. Status : In process. I juste give one word for hint : Deaddrops.

Do a song. Status : Done, and with a friend I really like <3.

"Vie compliquée"

Write a thesis/book about the french education system, its shortcomings, a proposal for improvement, and a new system much better in my opinion. (Actually I have just write the main ideas I want to talk about). Status : To do.

For the moment I write the page, I don't have other idea, So that's all. Bye<3