New video (after 3 months, it's finally here)

Here :)

Heeyyyyy, I'm Gino :> If you want to text me, come on Instagram :)


I don't have a lot to say except that I really like take photos with my Fujifilm XT-200, you can see some of the pictures I have taken on the page "Pictures". My biggest dream is to be able to live as a Photographer but I don't have enough experience actually.


I like drawing but I'm not good at this, do some useless stuff with my Raspberry Pi, Coding in C language. I actually trying to create a beautiful website. This one, what do you think about it ?

I really like to manage a network (my only experience is my Raspberry but it was very enriching to host my website, manage the connection between "internet", my router and the Raspberry Pi, manage the security too, learn how to use fail2ban to protect my Raspberry Pi from attacks), this is so interesting too.

I like to create audiovisual stuff, like my video with my drone or some other project. One day I really want to create some short film or mini series. You can see few video I made on my Youtube channel : Jno aygame101

Youtube Channel

I hope you have a good day. Bye (o・ω・o)